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1 January 18
We have two different kinds of surgeries which help you lose weight by shrinking the stomach size thus reducing absorbed calories. One of them is gastric banding or lap band surgery which limits the stomach size and the other one is gastric bypass which does both.
17 October 17
The surgery complications depend on surgeon’s expertise and the instruments used during the surgery. However, bleeding and leakage are the major complications that there is no concern if the surgeon is an expert. Dr. Anbara has performed Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery more than a thousand times; meanwhile, only six patients have experienced minor complications which were resolved swiftly and with care post operation.
31 December 17
if the surgery is done properly and the patient adheres to the postoperative diet, the obesity will not return.
7 January 18
You will lose 10 to 15 percent of your weight through the first month. And 30% will be lost within three to six months. However, weight loss may last for up to two years.
11 March 19
As any other surgery, revision surgery is associated with some risks and issues such as infection, gastrointestinal leakage, bleeding or even longer hospital stay or recovery time.
11 March 19
Yes, you can undergo your revision bariatric surgery with another surgeon but make sure to find an expert surgeon. On the other hand, if your primary surgery failed, it is better to find another surgeon to perform your second surgery.
15 April 19
Immediately after the bariatric surgery, you can only have a liquid diet, then you can add clear liquids to your diets. Next step, you can add pureed foods to your diet including protein based foods. In the next phase, you can begin to eat more solid foods about three months after the surgery.
11 January 18
it takes less than an hour.
2 March 19
  It can happen in 30% to 40% of patients. It is a temporary side effect.
14 April 19
There are some risks and complications associated with bariatric surgery, as any other surgical procedure such as bleeding, infection, anesthesia risks, blockage or leaks in the bowels.
14 April 19
Although there is no age limitation for having bariatric surgery, the procedure is too risky for teenagers and older adults.
11 March 19
Yes, you can still breastfeed your baby if you have had bariatric surgery but you need to take extra nutritions and specific vitamins to ensure you provide your baby with required nutrients.