laparoscopic surgery

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1 January 18
We have two different kinds of surgeries which help you lose weight by shrinking the stomach size thus reducing absorbed calories. One of them is gastric banding or lap band surgery which limits the stomach size and the other one is gastric bypass which does both.
17 October 17
The surgery complications depend on surgeon’s expertise and the instruments used during the surgery. However, bleeding and leakage are the major complications that there is no concern if the surgeon is an expert. Dr. Anbara has performed Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery more than a thousand times; meanwhile, only six patients have experienced minor complications which were resolved swiftly and with care post operation.
31 December 17
if the surgery is done properly and the patient adheres to the postoperative diet, the obesity will not return.
7 January 18
You will lose 10 to 15 percent of your weight through the first month. And 30% will be lost within three to six months. However, weight loss may last for up to two years.
11 January 18
it takes less than an hour.
2 January 18
While on the same diet, men lose weigh 4.5 kilogram more than women. This is due to different physical conditions, men have more muscles and which burns more calories. So men can lose weight more easily than women but most of them are not able to keep their diets unlike women who have more perseverance.
10 January 18
Anonymous :
How long should the patients from distant cities or other countries stay in Tehran for the bariatric surgery?
Dr. Anbara :
Patients coming from distant cities, or overseas can return to their country or city after a week.
9 January 18
The nature of gradual weight loss after Sleeve Gastrectomy, compared to other methods, does not lead to skin sagging too much. However, regular exercise and swimming can reduce and minimize the sagging of your skin.
8 January 18
The surgery is carried out in Erfan Hospital, Tehran
6 January 18
The patient will be hospitalized for two days, and rest at home for three days. After two weeks, it is possible to carry out daily activities and even exercise.
5 January 18
obesity is one of the major causes of infertility. Bariatric surgery not only has no peril for married women, but also increases their fertility. In patients who are infertile due to the obesity, the pregnancy will be possible 4-6 months after the bariatric surgery.